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Gregory Roberts, Photo by:Peter Mihajic

Gregory Roberts lives in Brampton Ontario with his wife Jennifer and their children Declan and Gemma. Photography plays a significant role in Greg's life, but since it incurs more bills than it pays Greg has a day job as an Engineer working in Toronto.

Greg believes there are three factors in becoming a good photographer: 1)Ensure you are enjoying yourself in everything you do in photography. 2)Never stop taking pictures, take pictures everyday. 3)Continually expand your photographic knowledge.

Greg works with both digital and film. In film Greg works with 35mm, medium format, and sometimes large format. Greg has built his own large format cameras for some of his work.

The construction of a camera is part of the journey into greater understanding of photography. Both playing with pinhole cameras, and building a complete view camera, expands the photographers understanding of all his tools

Digital tools have made some aspects of photography simpler, but the key to a good photograph will always begin with the photographer seeing something that inspires. What is seen in the mind's eye is often not what presents itself before the camera lens. It is the process of taking the scene presented before your eyes and finally converting it into a printed image, or an image on a computer monitor that is the art of photography.

In every step of the process one must understand the tools, the tools in use and the tools available, in order to obtain the envisioned result. Often the result one has in mind is not obtained, but when it is the soul sings with joy.

"Every day I try to make photos. At the end of many of these days I find that I like the result, I feel satisfied, and I know I will continue to take photos again the next day. However once in a while the image I have in front of me at the end of the day takes my breath away, and on these days I know why I work at this so hard, and I know I will continue to take photos as long as I am able." -Gregory Roberts

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